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Wooden Furnitures

Real Estate Spaces

Realtors can showcase their actual space virtually for better marketing.



Commercial spaces for sale/lease

Brokers can showcase spaces virtually and save on costs yet provide attractive platforms for space marketing.

Industrial Warehouse & Manufacturing units

Having the entire factory in real time on website, to help potential interested parties to visit the unit virtually before committing resources for development, FDI, JV etc.

F & B sector

Bridging gaps between consumer and manufacturer; possibilities include
virtual tours of factories or wineyards etc

Retail & Chain Outlets

Virtual shopping experience.



Museums and Historical Places like Forts & Temples

 Recreating spaces to avail
visitors to visit spaces virtually.


Industrial exhibitions

Industrial exhibitions can be shot and uploaded virtually on a link such that anyone in the
world can visit the exhibition at negligible costs to the exhibitor.


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