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Why Space Cloning?

The modern consumer dictates an invaluable need to showcase your property in an august way.
Exhibiting it’s facilities, infrastructure and amenities in a flawless manner leaves a long lasting
impression on the consumer.

With Space cloning and 360 Degree 3D tours, you illustrate your space in a novel and avant-garde method; appealing to the demand and taste of a wide spectrum of clientele.

With our expertise in site scoping, architecture and 3D space modelling, our team can transform
your space into an impeccable and interactive virtual tour; giving your target client total control
of being engrossed into the property from anywhere in the world.


Wooden Furnitures
Modern Architecture

For the one availing the service -

A tool to virtually showcase their actual space in a life-like walkthrough, with intricate details of
the space captured and converted into a captivating tour.



For the end/target customer -

The ability to teleport the target audience to the space of their dreams using an interactive
interface; being able to virtually visit the space from the comfort of their homes

Industry Verticals

  1. Real estate spaces 

  2. Residential/Commercial spaces for sale/lease

  3. Industrial Warehouse

  4. Manufacturing units 

  5. F & B sector

  6. Retail and chain outlets

  7. Museums and historical places like forts and temples

  8. Travel & Hospitality

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