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The Idea

The inventiveness of modern technology, aided by the evolving use of AI, is bringing the world closer at a rapid pace.
At Space Clone Pvt Ltd, we *foresee* a radical shift in the way virtual access to real-life spaces is brought about, across a wide spectrum of industries.

Be it Real estate, Hospitality, Tourism or Manufacturing; the transformation of your work-space onto a virtual platform has never been as realistic as now!

With this *pursuit* in mind; a trio of budding and spirited entrepreneurs, with an array of individual skills brought onto one table; are geared up to elevate your virtual experience to a profound level.

Meet The Team


An established entrepreneur and the founder of Renderworks, involved in creation architectural and 3D product rendering; she is also the key instigator for the vision behind Space Clone.
Her prowess in architecture, space rendering, designing softwares and digital media are the core of the purpose behind Space Clone.
Having represented the Indian Women’s Rugby team and a recognised tri-athlete; endurance cycling is her current play.


Having worked as an Asst. Resident Director for Study Abroad’s Pune program for over a decade; this plunge into entrepreneurship comes at a right time.

A passionate photographer, his grasp and ingenuity over technology, the gained management skills and knowledge of finances make it the perfect fit.
He is also a recognised tri-athlete and a sponsored endurance cyclist with many an achievements to his credit.


A 2nd Gen. entrepreneur, with experience of managing operations at a growing MSME; he brings to the table his dexterity in people management, management systems and business development. The know-how gained through this experience and an enterprising exuberance completes the core team.
An avid traveller and a cricketer through school and adult life, his current play is a under trainee-endurance cyclist.

Shruti Marathe

Abhishek Bhagwat

Nandan Dongre

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